This is my first time purchasing a mattress that was delivered in a box and it was a great experience! Endy is #1 in its market for Canada. So I had high expectations already for this Endy mattress. We moved into our home over a year ago and have been slowly working on each room in the house with furniture and organization. It’s hard to manage having two children under two and being on maternity leave gives us a smaller budget to work with then usual.

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ENDY Mattress Review and Unboxing

Speaking of budget, the Endy mattress is super affordable, starting price at $675 CAD. They also offer a 6-month, interest-free financing, to make it easier than ever to afford an Endy. Essentially you just pay it off in 6 equal, monthly installments. The box and the mattress are not heavy at all. I took it from the door to the room and even lifted it a few times for fun! You can see that in my unboxing video below.

I love that the Endy mattress is 100% Canadian made/manufactured and they also have pillows! Here’s a few snippets of the Endy Pillow unboxing from my Instagram stories:

It has 3 layers of foam. The first layer is a gel infused layer that will keep you comfortable through all four Canadian seasons. Who would know this best than a Canadian company! The middle foam is a transition layer that allows for energy to spread out evenly to the mattress. The last foam layer is called the support layer. It supports your body. 

So when I do an unboxing I literally do one without looking at any videos or references so I can get a true feel of everything. 100% honest reactions. I actually didn’t read first on the Endy website for easy opening to lay it flat and roll the mattress out. I just did. When I found the cutter I proceeded to using the cutter without really thinking how to use it. Disclaimer: I am terrible at opening packaging.

So I started just cutting through the plastic with no strategy and cut a bit of the mattress! My husband then told me to first press down and then pull up the cutter so its not pulling down and catching on to the mattress. That might be an obvious thing for most but I honestly didn’t think to do that. After I did it his way, it was smooth sailing from there. The mattress then just rolled out on its own. Super easy to unbox.

Final Thoughts..

I love how soft the mattress is and yes there’s a bit of a factory smell but it went away after a few hours. The next day, completely gone. The pillows are not too soft and not too hard. Just right! Starting to feel like I’m Goldilocks haha. The guest room is coming together so stay tuned for more details!

endy mattress review

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  1. Cat Forsley Reply

    so beautiful xxxx
    this post melts me cuz
    and i can feel Your excitement xoxoxoxoxoxo

    • You’d love it! So comfortable and I love when I put my daughter down on it I can walk away without disturbing her.

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