I absolutely love this time of the year! How can anyone not? It’s full of love, surprises and so much cheer. I’m really looking forward to the holidays, especially since it’s also our wedding anniversary on Dec 25th. Every time I tell people that, the reactions I get are either “OMG, you guys are crazy! How did you manage?” or “Awee that’s so cute” or how about.. “You guys must really love Christmas!”

To be honest, it’s a bit of all three. Okay, so because we have our anniversary and the holidays are among us, I get really conscious about how much and where I spend my money.

So when I was given a $100 Shopping Challenge for a holiday look, you bet I was excited! As soon as I got to the Dixie Outlet Mall, all that excitement turned into,

“Oh $#&*. $100?! Okay, this is going to be for reals a challenge.” 

As I walked around the mall, I realized oh right… this is an outlet. Which means, great deals! The first place I went to was winners. I bought these cute open toe boots with a wrap around ankle detail and these half leather/half cotton leggings. The boots were regular priced at $85 and I got them for $30! Amazing buy! After awhile of searching I found these tights on sale for $10. I was surprised, because I have a similar pair at home not as great of quality that I bought for $30 elsewhere. 



I don’t like wearing my winter coat to holiday dinners as it’s really bulky (i.e a parka) and the worse is when I have to place it on my chair due to no coat check. The bottom always touches the floor and gets dirty. So instead I got this coat from Dynamite –  The Garage Clothing Co. It was on sale for $35 from $50 on Black Friday! I went back after Black Friday and the coat was back on sale for $50. So happy I got it on Black Friday! Such a steal!

Dixie Outlet Mall has great deals and low prices all year and then on special days like Black Friday and Boxing Day, even more reduced prices.

dynamite coat


It has really nice zipper details and a belt! I opted for a medium size due to my personal preference of wearing over-sized coats/jackets.


toronto blogger


I love combining lace and leather into one outfit. They go together so well. For some, it’s a strong statement but so are red lips and I dared to add that to the mix! You just gotta live on the wild side sometimes. I got this lace crop top and a plain black long sleeve shirt to wear underneath from Sirens. The lace crop top was $15 and the plain black shirt $10. Both are so comfortable! Here’s a more brighter detailed image of the top:


sirens crop top

I didn’t think I could pull it off but honestly I probably couldn’t have if I was shopping anywhere else. Dixie Outlet Mall has amazing deals and that’s a fact! Especially after putting it to the test with this $100 Holiday Shopping Challenge. Okay, so now for the GIVEAWAY! Head over to my Instagram @HumJK to enter to win a $100 Dixie Outlet Mall gift card! Good luck everyone and happy shopping!

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  1. WOW! you look fab girl! Lovely deals and lovely clothing! Love this challenge! Great job and fantastic blog post! You are amazing! 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to this mall yet, will check it out! Love your posts!

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