fall fashion lookbookIt’s time to buckle up and get warm because jeepers it’s getting cold in Fall. On Halloween night the temperature went down to 4 degrees! Ugh. We did one street of houses for trick or treating and went home. How are you staying warm this Fall? I’m planning to switch it up between weather changes. Warmer days a moto jacket like the one I’m wearing below and colder days, layers or my winter coat. Meh.Moto jacket fall 2017

Whenever I wear a short jacket like this I love to pair it with a longer shirt underneath. Also like to keep it simple with no print. Just plain jane one colour top.

Buckle Up, It’s Getting Chilly in Fall! What I Wore [STYLE]

buckle up moto jacket zara

buckle up moto jacket

buckle up motoThis moto jacket is from Zara and you’ll most likely still find it in stores. I actually saw it last weekend (at Square One) but not in this colour.

fall fashion toornto

I love these pants for a numerous amount of reasons. For one, they’re the perfect stretchy material. So no matter how big or small I get, it will sit around my curves perfectly. Two, I love the rip. The rip on the knees is clean and simple. Perfect for wearing fish nets underneath. They’re from Topshop.

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