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“One year ago today I turned on my laptop and decided I was going to share a piece of my world with YOU.”


Our time on earth, well.. we don’t know how long we have. I know, that’s deep of me to say. But think about it. What are you leaving behind? What do YOU want to leave behind? Your knowledge, a product, an invention or an idea? This blog was just the beginning of something. Something that may grow into anything I want it to be. Anything YOU want it to be. If you want, you can look at my blog as an avenue to stay updated to Social Media Marketing, get some style inspiration out of my ‘outfit of the day’ posts or get a chuckle out of how silly I can be on camera talking about beauty products or doing a challenge. Whatever it may be, YOU are the reason my blog is where it is today. YOU motivate me.

It’s hard to believe that my blog has hit that one year mark since I wrote my first post. After launching my blog and hearing great feedback from subscribers, social media followers, friends and family, I thought to myself, I really wish I had created this blog a long time ago! The events I went to, the beauty products I got to try way before the public even knew about them during my beauty advisor days and managing my start-up would’ve made for great posts and knowledge to pass on to my readers. However, aside from the could’ve, should’ve, would’ves this is one of the best things I ever decided to do.


I’ve been blessed with a ‘writer’s block’ free year, and instead a year full of opportunities, collaborations and ideas. I have met some wonderful people who know me through my blog, Instagram or YouTube (you know who you are), and it has motivated me to put out posts that you love to read. I’m confident the second year blogging will be full of kick ass content. So join me and subscribe, follow for updates of whatever I concoct and put up on the web next!

Thank you so much everyone for such a great year!

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