A little late but I just had to share my experience. After all, it’s the first time Bestival came to Toronto. In case you didn’t know, Bestival is an award-winning festival in the UK.

From the original boutique festival experience, to the Bollywood Cocktail Bar, and costumes parties en masse, it’s this uniqueness that makes Bestival a wondrous world of discovery and adventure that will inspire peace, love and dancing all year round…

I actually had no idea about Bestival until I received an email notifying me that my pictures on instagram were chosen by Fido for the first ever mobile music video for one of the bands performing at Bestival, Keys N Krates.

P.S You can only view the music video via your mobile phone: http://mobilemusicvideo.ca/ 

The great thing about music festivals (at least Bestival) is that it’s a no judgement zone. Full of love, peace and happiness spreading people. Hippy vibes basically. We hung out at the fido booth where hammocks hung from trees along with streamers and other whimsical decorations. I heard they gave out rain ponchos on the Friday of the festival when it rained. I went on Saturday and they gave out ear plugs. Music was so loud at the festival, I imagine many people used them. Three different stages with different performances/music made it hard to choose where to hang out. I wish there had been a fixed schedule to start with. It would’ve made planning a lot easier. There was a DJ on the island beach side, surrounded by tents/cabanas. We hung out there close to sunset right before the NAS performance. The views were just so beautiful of the Toronto skyline with a pink, purple sky. 

Food truck options were exhausting but our friends directed us to the best pizza I’ve ever had from a truck. We had just come back from Italy, so trust me…it was that good. They’re called pizza700 and they do private events as well.

pizza bestival

After the most epic NAS performance, everyone made their way to the ferry docks. The exit strategy for this festival was not organized at all. It seemed like all of Toronto was stuck on that island and we were all herded together like cattle, taking small baby steps to our common destination, home. Would I go again next year? Maybe. But seriously, they need to think of another exit strategy or at least let people know of the 2 hour wait to get off the island to the city. Also, posting the performance schedules ahead of time would be nice. By ahead I mean weeks in advance, not a few days or the day before. 

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