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I’ve been using Benefit cosmetics for years and they have lots of cool products that are so easy and a lot of fun to use! If you’re a make-up junkie as much as I am, than I’m sure you own more than one benefit product and if you don’t then by the end of this post I’ll have you inspired to definitely try something from their super cute line of cosmetics.

Benefit Favourites

High Beam

When have I not used this?! High Beam comes in a perfect size bottle that has a nail polish brush attached to the lid. I usually take the brush and do one quick swoop where ever I need it. Cheeks, down the bridge of my nose or a little touch on the forehead to add dimension depending on how much make-up I’m wearing. As a make-up artist I would just dab with the brush a perfect amount on my mixing slate or the back of my hand. Baby pink in colour, it’s the perfect amount of glow. You can totally build this product by adding more on top if you want a very noticeable highlight. For pictures and video it looks very natural and doesn’t stand out as much as a powder highlight does. In my opinion, liquid highlighters have a softer and more dewy look compared to powder highlighters.

high beam review


This is benefits primer. If you haven’t used a primer before and don’t know whether it is for you, then know this; whether you’re going for a heavy look or simple, it will be the perfect base for your foundation or tinted moisturizer. This primer helps to diminish the look of shine and minimizes the look of large pores. A little goes a long way with this primer. I just wish I could remember to use it all the time.

porefessional benefit cosmetics


From the first day bene-tint hit boutiques I was obsessed. It was a red liquid, with a scent of rose petals and just a drop would stain your lips to look naturally red. From this product they created the best bene-balm ever! Super hydrating due to the mango butter… mmm! and sodium hyaluronate, the tint is perfect. It has a nice glossy finish but like most balms wears off easily. If you’re not into red, then try posie balm, which is the baby pink version.


benebalm posie balm

High Brow

This is probably the quickest way to get perfectly arched and tamed eyebrows. You know those in between threading/waxing days when you have a little bit of growth? Well this highlighting pencil comes in really handy for that. Apply it under your eyebrow arch and you have an instant illusion of perfect eyebrows. I love that it’s a cream/powder like texture and blends really well.

benefit high brow

Roller Lash

I’ve always been hesitant to use comb-like or toothy mascara wands. I have fine but long hair lashes, so building volume is hard to do with the Roller Lash wand. But I found a really good way to use it! So first I build volume with a thicker mascara wand, and then I create length with the Roller Lash and comb out any mascara clumps. Match made in heaven and results are as if I have falsies on.

roller lash benefit cosmetics

What are your Benefit favourites?


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