From the day your little one is born, it’s almost like your entire life gets erased behind you and you’re starting new again. You’re a mom. The moment I held baby D I thought, “I’m here for you, forever and always. I will protect you. I will guide you and I will teach you all the best things you need to know to move across this world…” That was just a snippet of my thoughts but you know what I mean. All that mushy stuff that makes our heart melt and love life.

I traveled. I was, and am an entrepreneur and I feel before being a mom I had lived some of my most ambitious days of my life. I can’t say I thought those days were over now, I just knew deep down that a different chapter of those days had begun and doing those things I did would look a lot different now. My mind was a lot more sharp before I got pregnant and at least a few months after having baby D. But after some time I was back to 100% me. Baby brain days. Honestly, it’s real. We may not all get it…but those of you, who do feel like you’re suffering from it. It’s okay. It’s real.

Mat leave can very quickly swallow you up and become a daily routine of feeding your little one, eating, napping, feeding your little one, TV, sleep etc. It’s hard coming out of that routine and remembering “oh yeah, I need to make some time for me.”  I remember one mom telling me she felt like she was being selfish for thinking of making time for herself. And when she did go out with her girls she couldn’t stop thinking about her baby. 


If going out and leaving your newborn seems like a far stretched idea then try some of these ideas to start with:

  1. Take time to do your nails.
  2. Read a book. Even if it’s one page a day. Stick to whatever you decide.
  3. Have a hobby that you spend at least 1 hour a day on. Plan during your babies nap time.
    (I started painting something for baby D’s nursery on canvas.)
  4. Exercise.
  5. Do a weekly mask.

Even now when I need to find time to update my blog or work on different projects I try my best to schedule doing those things either when baby D is napping or I have someone watch him while I do my work for a few hours.

How do you manage making time for yourself? It’s always nice getting tips from other mommies. Walking through security on our way to Japan when I was 5 months pregnant, the security lady looked at my pregnant belly and said “Welcome to the club honey!”. So true. We’re in this together ladies!

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