I’m a cat lady at heart. Yes, that is my opening statement to this DIY baby kitty costume post. For our mommy club also known as ‘Mommy Kitty Krew’ we had all the baby girls dressed in cat costumes and the baby boys were lions. It was so cute seeing it all come together. If you’re looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea then you can skip some of these steps and do an all white or all black onesie and the cat ears.

Baby Kitty Halloween Costume [DIY]

diy baby cat costume halloween kitty
Photo credit: Beautycubed – Click image to check out her blog.
What you’ll need

1 pack of pipe cleaners
Pom pom garland or cotton balls as an alternative
Foam sheets – >>click here<<
Felt – Pink
A tutu – any size or make your own like this >> click here <<
Black elastic – Got mine from Wal-Mart >>click here<<
A white full sleeve or half sleeve onesie
Glue gun

Baby Kitty Ears

Fold the white foam in half and cut out the shape of the cat ears. Cut them out so both sides are attached at the ends. Now cut out the pink inside of the ears from pink felt. Measure your babies head with the black elastic to see how much you’ll need. Tie together and put the foam cat ears in place. Now glue both sides of the foam cat ears together. Lastly, place the pink felt (inside of the ear) on top of the white foam ears. Glue gun in place. See images below for more details.

last minute bby kitty earslast minute bby kitty earslast minute bby kitty earslast minute bby kitty earslast minute bby kitty earsFinally, they should look like this…

last minute bby kitty ears

Baby Kitty Tail

For the tail my girlfriend got this garland with poofy balls on it. We pulled out the black ones and kept the white ones. Then used the white pipe cleaners to wrap around the string part. It’s not that full kitty tail look but I call it the chic fu fu kitty tail. You know, those cats that get buzz cuts. 😉

Baby Kitty TuTu

This one is easy. We took an adult size tutu and cut it into three. The tutu was to cover most of the front of the costume and the back was attached to about a couple of inches of black elastic. The opening was perfect to put the tail through. And because we used pipe cleaners for the tail it was super easy to intertwine the tail around the black elastic in the back.

A big thank you to my girls who helped to put together these outfits! Check out their blogs here: Frequent Flyer Foodie and Beautycubed. All images above were taken by Beautycubed.

Happy Halloween 🙂

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  • These are just too adorable for words!! Love the cute little kitty faces 🙂
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    the most adorable costumes

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