Baby, it's cold outside

There are so many baby shower theme ideas to choose from. Just do a simple keyword search for baby shower on google or better yet, pinterest and you’ll see! Baby D was born in February, a very cold time. So you know when I saw the ‘baby, it’s cold outside’ theme, I related to it, as it was my exact thought every time I wanted to take my new babe out. If you’re baby was born in the winter time then this is the very best theme to go with! Also a great one year birthday theme.

As soon as you know the theme, start looking out for items that you’ll need when ever you go shopping. I remember some of the items I bought months in advance. For instance, three glitter snowflakes. One large, medium and small from Pier 1 were regular $75 and had gone on sale for $40 right after Christmas. I figured they would make for great winter decor around the house during the season, so I bought them! They looked beautiful on our cake/dessert table. Side note: My besties and sisters (love them SO much) wanted to help with everything but I actually really enjoy doing the crafty stuff and organizing so I just couldn’t resist! If this is you, you can instead definitely get help putting it all together, hosting and don’t forget the games!

baby its cold outside

The sign I used, as seen above – was the same art I used for my e-cards and then I followed the same design and colours into the baby shower theme. The cake, napkins and you can’t go wrong with white for a winter-ish theme.

It took me a long time to make this (because it was my first time) but making your own table garland made with wrapping tissue paper is the best! It was my version of knitting, while in nesting mode. Here’s a really good tutorial.

tissue paper garland diy

I also made my own cupcake stand with two boxes stacked on each other wrapped in white tissue and hot glued some white snowflakes on the front. Would’ve been a cleaner finish if I glued some on the sides of the box too.

snowflake theme

For this theme I found having a hot chocolate station is a MUST. Imagine coming in from the cold to an event where they have hot chocolate. YAS!

hot chocolate station

hot chocolate station baby its cold outside

Some of the games we played were passing the chocolate poopy diaper to music (or I think it was a balloon.) whoever was caught holding it when the music turned off they were out, and the last person standing/sitting won a prize. Basically the game hot potato. We had other general baby shower games like holding on to a clothespin. Can’t say certain words and if you do, you get your pin stolen from you from whoever catches you saying it. The one with the most pins wins a prize. We set this game up near the entrance to ensure everyone got a pin and also set up the takeaways at the same table. The takeaways were snowflake cookies made by the same wonderful lady who made my cake. I ordered some brown boxes online to put them in and some stuffing to keep them in place. The boxes are called kraft boxes and with lots of research I found the best price I could find online, here. 30 for $13.80. I was told it was a great find 🙂 Totally didn’t stay within theme for the late lunch. We had Italian and Indian food catered. 

baby shower ideas

We also had my baby book (where I keep all of his ultrasound pictures and first time memories in) at the table for people to leave messages for myself or Baby D. I decorated it with snowflake decals too. Gah. Snowflakes everywhere!

snowflake cookies


Here are some great printables for this theme:

Hot Chocolate Station

hot chocolate station

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Other great ideas:

  1. Use cotton as snow around your venue.
  2. Create your own polar bear made from cardboard: link
  3. A snowman diaper cake:
  4. Water bottles, label them as ‘melted snow’.
  5. DIY glue snowflakes: link

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