As a new mom I tried making baby food myself. You know the old fashion way. Boiling, cooking separately blending and then a pile of pots and cups later and one crying baby (seeking my attention), I had baby food made!  With the baby brezza, it’s so easy, it feels like magic. So this time around, with baby number 2 I set out to find a method that would make us both happy. Something fast and easy.

baby brezza

Baby Brezza Food Maker & Why it’s a Great Gift

baby brezza

Price: $149.97 *But right now it’s on sale at Wal-mart for $134.97

Where to buy:
Bed Bath & Beyond
Toys R Us (older version)

Why it makes a great gift:

When I was a new mom I was so busy learning about every stage, reading books, doing online research and not to mention the challenges I was having with Baby D’s eczema that I didn’t ever think about buying a food maker. Sometimes the easier way is right under our noses but we are so busy with life that it never crosses our mind. Any mom who doesn’t have a food maker will absolutely LOVE this one.

It’s super easy to clean. Especially if you run it under hot water right after using it. I’ve also defrosted chopped up fruit with the steam option. Not only is it safer but a healthier option vs using the microwave or over boiled water.

The blades are really sharp which is why the food is made so quickly. Be careful while washing the blades separately. I wasn’t paying attention one time and cut myself.

baby brezza
This is half a banana sliced and half an avocado

baby brezza

baby brezza
simple buttons to use

banana avocado baby food
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