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Fave food story

I’ve been seeing this story pop on different sites all week! (Esquire, Cosmo) As it is I’ve been craving Chipotle for so long and I haven’t fulfilled that craving yet. Probably because the closest Chipotle near my home is about 10km away. Not that far, but far enough for me to contemplate whether to go or not. Hmph. Anyways, this guy-Andrew Hawryluk, ate Chipotle for 153 days and had nothing but great stuff to say about the results of doing that.


Fave recipe

The way I love my tea, London fog. Now I can have my cookies like that too. Thanks to this recipe I found on the web:


Fave tweet

Got a suitcase full of these chips😍 this week! As you know I love BBQ (see twitter profile) and when I saw their new flavour,  BBQ..  You can imagine the excitement soaring through me! Yes,  food can have that effect on me. These chips are made from the finest, carefully selected potato varieties in the county of Herefordshire England. Classy chipping. They also have no artificial ingredients,  gluten free and vegan friendly. 

tyrrells chips
Craving some Tyrrells? (Loblaws, Wal Mart etc has them)


Fave song this week


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