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You may have seen the womens necktie at Zara (Which was first $20, then $10 and now on sale for $3.99), magazines and dare I say, the Kardashians. Aside from those places, I’m sure if you asked your mom, aunt and any working woman from the 70’s/80’s, she’ll tell you that the womens necktie is a spin off of the pussy bow blouse. So these ties we’re rocking in 2015/16, are really a tribute to the boss ladies of the 80’s. Nice. Check out the documentary – Makers: Women Who Make America, a three-hour documentary on the history of modern feminism that aired on PBS. Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard said: 

“We used to dress in suits with a skirt and a jacket with button-down shirts and a little bow tie, because that was sort of our interpretation of the man’s tie…It was our attempt to be feminine but fit into what was then a male world.”


Now, here are 5 ways to wear a womens necktie:

  1. Straight like a man
    Under any button up collar shirt this looks exactly like a regular tie for men. Skinny tie actually.toronto fashion blogger

2. Tie it in a bow
Style it this way with pretty much anything!

toronto fashion


3. Wear it like a choker

Wearing it like a choker is a statement look. It looks best with a dress that has less fabric at the top. Whether it’s strapless, sleeveless or boat neck. You can get fancy by tying it in a bow at the back.
(This is my favourite!)

blogger style how to


4. Keep it loose

necktie loose

5. To the side

Wear it to the side with a blouse or a dress.

womens necktie how to


The necktie worn above was made by my talented friend Sharadha Ramjit. You should check out her blog post where she rocks the necktie and some of her other beautiful creations! *GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT* I’ve teamed up with Sweet Shard to giveaway a necktie and I’m throwing in a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card for $50 so you can finish the look with new beauty products! Head over to my instagram and follow the instructions on how to enter to win. Good luck!

how to wear a tie for women

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