January 2017


For my love, a Wood Watch by Jord. + GIVEAWAY!

I remember when I bought my first wood watch and the amount of people that approached me and asked me where I had got mine. So unique, made of wood, standing out from the rest. My husband thought it was cool and wanted one, but never really looked into it. So when our wedding anniversary came around this year, I thought to myself..for my love, a wood watch by JORD. Ever since baby D was born we have both been slacking in the accessories department. I haven’t touched my earrings, long necklaces, watches and rarely did I see him wear his watches. You go through a lifestyle change and sometimes don’t realize how it affects the little things around you. Those little things that might change your day entirely, because of the way you hold yourself, because you feel prettier or simply put together. As I was going through the many…


Natural hairstyles seemed to be the trend in 2016. Designers and brands like Brandon Maxwell, Lacoste, Prabal Gurung and Sophie Theallet all rocked natural or beachy wavy looks on the runway at NYFW. Not to mention that’s the go to look for Victoria Secret models as well. Ironically, achieving that sexy, natural, wavy hair is sometimes harder then it looks. If you have the right products then more then half the battle is taken care of. IGK Beach Club Texture Spray I normally don’t use hairspray or any hair products on a daily basis, unless I know I have meetings or have to go somewhere. However, this product is a game changer for me. It’s super easy to use and I love using it every other day when I have that extra 3 minutes to spare in the morning before work. I actually wore it in my hair today and got…