January 2015


Social Media: Is it plagiarism or is it innovative?

The digital age where social media has become a huge part of our generation, the opportunity curve is going through the roof for the guy/girl next door becoming famous overnight over an uploaded video, tweet or instagram post. My Facebook feed had this one article that was being shared over and over again by different people and even made it to a few of my whatsapp group conversations. A YouTuber becomes famous and some of the videos have a word for word resemblance with another YouTubers videos. Some viewers feel cheated and have shown their outrage via YouTube comments, twitter and other social platforms. Everyone has their opinion on whether this is unethical or not. If you ask me, before judging someone online for copying another persons content and resorting to cyber bullying take these points into consideration: If you believe someone has done something unethical, being unethical back (ex.…

Friday Faves: Games for the Gamer Life

Fave Idea 22-year-old founder of, Mathew Carpenter has a found a way to make money off of the annoyance of getting glitter on yourself and not being able to take it off. Don’t judge me, or….okay fine…. judge me, but I thought this was hilarious, innovative and pretty darn cool. I love pranks! I love pranking, love watching people get pranked and love being pranked. You gotta have a sense of humour to appreciate things like this and not take it personally. Shipping your enemies glitter in an envelope could be mean or you can laugh about it and enjoy the glitter for years. Imagine this, you get glitter shipped to you, you open it and it blows up and is now everywhere! After hours of clean up, months later, you see a lone sparkle that was left behind. Would you flash a smirk or cry? I would smirk…

2014 Round-Up

Here we are in the New Year! Time for a 2014 Round-Up. It’s been a busy year and I can’t wait to start 2015 off with even more to do. Currently in nesting mode and getting ready to go from a family of two to three, setting goals and renovating our place are just some of the things on my to do list for January. Have you set any goals for the New Year? Thank you for all of your love and support, that continues to motivate and inspire me! Most popular blog posts of 2014: Pantene Hair Guide to Contouring for different face shapes The Boyfriend Coat Caramelized Apple French Toast Social Marketing Universe