October 2014


DIY Pumpkin Decor – No carve solution

DIY Pumpkin Decor Every year before or on the day of Halloween, we look to our creative juices to come up with the next awesome idea to carve into a pumpkin. But what if you don’t want to carve a pumpkin and have an itch to do something more artsy? Then here are some great ideas of what you can do with your pumpkin: Set up your work area with magazine tear outs, newspaper and all the tools you’ll need to create your masterpiece. Sequin flowers all around! What you’ll need: White acrylic paint Sequins Glue gun Directions: Paint your pumpkin white and then let dry. Once it’s dry, go over the pumpkin with one more coat of white paint. You’ll need six/seven sequins for each flower, glue on with your glue gun. Be careful: Sequins are small, glue from a glue gun is hot and it can…

McQueen on the Tracks

When the weather outside… changes, and the temperature starts to fall, the only thing left to doooo, is dress warm, dress warm, dress warm. I absolutely love this sweater. It’s long, warm, different and Alexander McQueen. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me mentioning how much I adore this hairstyle. The top knot! It’s my go-to hairstyle for this fall. I have a tutorial post coming up for you. It’s so simple! Floppy Felt Hat- HM (similar: here)/ Sweater- Alexander McQueen (here)/ Clutch- Forever21

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List by humjk featuring a red handbag  [Tweet “Leaves have started changing colour, pumpkins have been set outside and..”] Fall Wish List Leaves have started changing colour, pumpkins have been set outside and the smell of burning fire wood is in the air. Meanwhile in the digital world, online stores have rolled out their fall collections to match in-store. This is my Fall wish list and some of these items are my staple go-to’s for the season. When I think of Fall, I think of chunky knits and distressed jeans. Everything has to be cozy, chic and warm. My favourite colours for this season are always neutrals, burgundy, mustard, camel, bright yellow and grey. All these colours make for a beautiful palette of Fall outfits.

The new social network, Tsu

  Have you heard about the new social network called Tsu? Based in New York they launched on Tuesday and have already raised $7 million. This is an invite only social network that will help users get paid to be social. It’s brilliant! Considering the hours spent every day on social media networks, why shouldn’t we get paid for it? We are bombarded by advertisements everywhere and now users can get comfortable and see the worth in viewing those ads. Time will only tell if everyone moves to this social network or at least gives it a try. Some experts are calling this more of a content monetization platform than a social network. It definitely won’t be easy to get people to completely leave their established go-to networks, even if it means getting paid. So how do you get paid? Most social networks keep ad revenue for themselves. However,…

Blog-aversary – Thanks to YOU.

“One year ago today I turned on my laptop and decided I was going to share a piece of my world with YOU.” Our time on earth, well.. we don’t know how long we have. I know, that’s deep of me to say. But think about it. What are you leaving behind? What do YOU want to leave behind? Your knowledge, a product, an invention or an idea? This blog was just the beginning of something. Something that may grow into anything I want it to be. Anything YOU want it to be. If you want, you can look at my blog as an avenue to stay updated to Social Media Marketing, get some style inspiration out of my ‘outfit of the day’ posts or get a chuckle out of how silly I can be on camera talking about beauty products or doing a challenge. Whatever it may…

Top 5 EyeShadow Palettes

Why do you love EyeShadow Palettes? I love them because you have all the colours you need in one organized palette. That’s not always the case, but your go to palettes do have that quality. I have way too many, but I’ve rummaged through them all to pick my TOP 5! They’re in no particular order and I love them all equally. I apologize in advance that 2 out of the 5 you won’t be able to purchase but I had to include them in my TOP 5 or else I’d be lying. Without further ado, let’s get started! NAKED2 This palette had been launched soon after NAKED1’s success. I personally love NAKED2 more than the first one. I travel with this one every opportunity I get! I feel confident that it won’t break in transit because of the tin case and it has all the colours I would need…