October 2013


Honey Lemon Chicken

This is the fastest Honey Lemon Chicken recipe ever!  For all of you who live busy lives and never have time to cook. You can do this! Prep Time: 20mins You will need: Chicken (I used 3 chicken breasts) Honey Lemon Vegetables – I used broccoli, green peppers & parsley Cashews or Peanuts (which ever you prefer) Salt & Pepper for taste and seasoning How To: Cut chicken breast into slices and start cooking on medium. Season with mixed ground pepper and a bit of salt.  Just before chicken is cooked turn temperature to high and add honey to pan (Make sure you use enough honey to cover all the chicken). Cook till the chicken is golden and then add fresh lime or lemon juice on top. Cut up your vegetables and mix in a bowl. Either you can add it into the chicken honey mix and cook to desired texture…